About Susan

About Me

When I was an elementary school teacher, I would take a little stuffed toy duck to school. My students named the duck “Quackers.” Quackers became a fixture in the classroom. He would sit on students’ desks, watching and listening. Quackers loved to sit on a ledge during reading time, listening to the stories the children wrote and read aloud. Every day we had “Ask Quackers Anything” time. One student raised her hand and suggested I write a story about Quackers and his adventures.

Quack, quack! That was the beginning of my journey with Quackers. I attended workshops and interviewed authors. Over the space of seven years, Quackers grew into a story. My grandchildren have been instrumental in cheerleading me through the process. Quackers is dedicated to my angels and all of the children who want to fulfill their dreams.